Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm participating in the Elisalex sewalong! I'm going to Mood tomorrow in search of a nice silk print or dark green flannel. I'm also strangely drawn to this tweed...

...which would be perfect for the sleeveless Reversalex! Perhaps with a contrast red silk reverse? 

I need to really think about this since I tend to fall in love with crazy prints/textiles, never wear them, then donate/sell three months later. It's like I have this zany lil' alter ego that struts around in floral dresses and listens to boy bands when I'm really more of a black-clad, Joy Division type. It's like I need to remind myself that just because the Moschino model looks great in this hot lil' floral mod dress...

...doesn't mean that it's a good look for me. I know I would feel like a giant tool in this dress but I want it! This might also explain my affinity for rom-coms or...this is painful..."Gossip Girl" which I discovered last month while sick and am now hopelessly devoted to.

mean queen, Blair (the BEST bitch)

I guess that's one of the upsides of a handmade wardrobe: you spend so much time planning and laboring over a single garment that it gives you time to really think about what you're making. It takes the impulse away and leaves you with something that truly reflects your personal style.

Until next time,

xoxo Amy

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